My journey started in 2019, I had diabetes and weighed 332 pounds. 3 years now, I lost 120 pounds and diabetes is no longer in my system. I’m healthy than I have ever been in my life because of astrology and the readings by miss Cruz, cured my diabetes. I also got few transit readings that always tells me when to take a new job and turn my life around. Her readings have been a blessing to me. She is always truthful and honest. I would advise anyone to get readings from her as she has made me a true believer in her study and work. She is very professional at what she does. I just want to personally thanks her for all her hard work she has given to help save me and start my new life and journey

- Anonymous

I have received a few chart readings from Priscilla and let me just say, she’s the TRUTH. Every single time I’m blown away about the amount of details, clarity, and accuracy she provides. Her readings are impactful and life changing, you can tell she is passionate about what she does because she doesn’t just tell you the good, she keeps it real and dives into it all, including the ugly. I am a forever customer because I’ve gained so much from her in so little time. I’ve done things I’ve always been too fearful to do and I am seeing the results of her guidance in my everyday life. You will not be disappointed!

- Anonymous

Priscilla is amazing at what she does!!! I absolutely loved my reading, it hit home for me. I didnt realize how much potential i had and i also got to understand my habitual patterns. This was honestly so validating for my inner child, so thank you for everything Priscilla! I love the honesty & how she sends a video to break it down for you! 10/10 recommended! I will definetly be coming back for other readings!

- Tionna Sanders